Significant Facts to Know About Online Rummy Game

As Rummy is a game that is appreciated and played by people of every age group, there are significant facts about the game that most of us do not know very well. It is somewhat a fun game and it provides a pleasant experience to the player. But, there is more to know about this game, which could be very exciting to discover.

  1. Online rummy is moderately the same game that you liked to play offline as well. All the distinctive rules of rummy apply to online game also and this means anticipating a few twists that come clearly, the game of rummy online remains the same as offline game.
  2. As rummy is basically a skill based game, it is important that you know the rules and have the capability to play even when you are playing online. It is even more essential to have skills online as time is also valuable.
  3. As being able to play within the given time-period is of significance in the online edition of rummy game. The truth is that you will be offered some extra time, but this is restricted and cannot be increased more and more.
  4. Websites that say you can play online rummy freely means you can play unlimited free games. This does not mean that they would not attempt to convince you for playing cash games, but there is no compulsion.
  5. Like in real life, there are some preventive measures that you are needed to take when playing online. It is not that important, but simple and sensible rules like not sharing personal details to opponent players as it could be indistinct.
  6. Not like the considerable game where you recognize the players, their positive and negative points, their body language and even their idiosyncrasy, the online game is with inherent strangers. This makes the game more interesting and challenging by taking the unidentified away from you in the online game.
  7. If you are responsible to play cash games, then it is fine to have self obligatory restrictions on the amounts that you will spend on playing rummy online. Most websites have an intrinsic policy for predisposed gaming, but you are well suggested having some restrictions of your own.There are no definite rules in your playing style. Undeniably, many people take on a different style or even adapt styles in between the game according to the stakes they are playing for or even the mood they are in. What is more you may even come to find out some skills that you did not realize that you have had during the track of a playing session.

As your rummy game skills develop, you will also get the advantages of these skills in other aspects of your life and it can also work more or less differently. Thus, your regular skills may help in playing your game successfully. At last, there are many websites that are around us, which actually benefits all those who love playing through these websites. But, you have to know all the repercussions of playing online and go through rummycircle review so that you can be well set.

Why Indians Love Rummy

Let’s start with an anecdote.. There was an Indian king who had the habit of plucking hair from his beard! In order to get rid of this habit, the Queen invented a game of cards to keep the king’s hands busy. Thus, India’s fascination with cards dates back a long time! Why are Indians so fascinated with playing cards and where did rummy come in the picture?

The Influence of Indian History and Culture on Card Games

In the Indian epic – the Mahabharata – the Kauravas won over the empire and all the riches of their Pandava cousins over a gambling game. The game caused much anguish among the two sides and lead to the political and financial bankruptcy of the Pandavas. This in turn fueled the epic battle in Kurukshetra. Indians have always believed in ‘fate’ and have been eager to give ‘luck’ a chance.

No wonder then that we love playing rummy to see what ‘fate’ cards may have in store for us. Will we get lucky and get a really good set of cards or has our luck run out?

Coming back to the battle in Kurukshetra, did you know that it was fought much more with strategy than with sheer strength? The stories of the politics involved and the strategies used have been famous for generations. Ever wonder why Indians love strategizing? For years, Indians have loved playing games that involve strategizing and anticipating the opponent’s next move.

That is exactly the thrill that rummy presents. So, while ‘luck’ would determine what cards we receive when they are first dealt out, we could turn a game around by our sheer wit and calculations!

For centuries, Indians have put in efforts to find solutions to boredom. We are used to dealing with large crowds everywhere. So, while waiting in a long queue, what do we do? Games have always been invented to beat boredom. India has one of the longest rail networks in the world. When on a long train journey, many of us carry a deck of cards to beat boredom.

It is not uncommon to see a group of people playing cards till the wee hours of the morning on a train. And now with internet connectivity available almost through the journey, online rummy  keeps people entertained for hours!

India’s love for card games is not restricted to the urban areas alone. Visit a village and you will not be surprised to find people getting together in the evening to play cards. A whiff of their hookahs from time to time makes the game even more fun!

Indians love card games because it is the simplest form of recreation. While poker is a more popular game in the West, rummy has maintained its charm with Indians. In fact, our country has its own version of rummy, called Indian rummy.

Wondering Where the Word “Rummy” Comes From?

From Mexico to Japan, with Europe and China in between, the theories of the origin of Rummy crosses several geographical boundaries. While there is agreement globally of the popularity of this entertaining card game, the same cannot be said about the theories of its origin. In fact, the origin of the game is still a matter of conflict among historians. While there are various proposed theories, no one theory comes out to be the winner, leaving the question of the birth of the game with no definitive answer!

What is the Origin of the Word Rummy?

Some of the proposed theories for the origin of the word “Rummy” are the following:

  • “Rum” is a British slang, used for “odd”, “peculiar” or “queer”. This may have been the first reaction of the people on learning about the meticulous technicalities of this game, when it reached Europe for the first time. The word could have eventually evolved into “Rummy”.
  • A game called “Rum Poker” bears a strong similarity to Rummy; and is presumed by some to be the forerunner of the complete family of Rummy games. So, the name could have been derived from “Rum Poker”.
  • A number of people did suggest that the game was initially played for the alcoholic beverage – rum. According to them, the loser of a hand was supposed to buy the next round of drinks for all the players playing at a table.
  • A traditional book of rules spelt Rummy as “Rhum” or “Rhummy”, which suggests a European descent. In fact, “rhum vieux” is a word used in French-speaking locales, with the meaning of old rum. Rhum vieux is a mature French rum of high grade quality.
  • The Dutch word “roemer”, pronounced “rummer”, means a drinking glass brought into use by Dutch sailors. Perhaps this could have been the source of the word “rum”, the alcoholic the drink. Rummy is supposed to be one of the favorite games of the sailors in olden times.

You can have some fun sharing with your friends all these lesser known theories associated with the name of the game of Rummy. What is well known, however, is the way the popularity of Rummy has grown exponentially through the years. More recently, online Rummy has overtaken the physical form of the card game. So, be a part of the exciting world of Rummy and enjoy playing the game conveniently from the luxury of your home!

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