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By | July 18, 2017

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That Rummy is being played primarily for the purpose of winning money is a common misconception any outsiders are bound to have. But the fact of the matter is that money is not the only thing that players realise although it may be one of the several benefits that they gain out of playing this game of skill. Money is just an obvious reward which you accrue for having invested your analytical skills while playing. If you read Rummycircle reviews or ask any Rummy expert – you will dismiss the contention that Rummy is being played just for money. You will instead say how playing this game has brought in a sea of change in his life making him the happiest person in the world. When you play Rummy, you will be happier than ever before. Let us now see how playing Rummy brings happiness to one and all.

Reduce stress levels

Playing Rummycircle online game, considerably reduces your stress level which can make you a better person at home as well as at workplace. This can be vouched by regular Rummy performers. Rummy is such an interestingly fought game that it eases you of all stress and thus regulating your stress level. Plus, you get used to stress and handle it better in day to day life because Rummy game itself gives utmost stress which you thwart by carefully thought out moves at the right time. If the stress experienced in a Rummy game can be handled any other thing can be handled with ease. Guilt free way to have fun with rummy.

Where Rummy does a Yoga

When you play Rummy, it is more like a meditation where your focus rests solely on the game. A small diversion can steal the game from you. Therefore, by default, your focus on the game will increase. So, what you gain out of Yoga you gain the same by playing cards. When your level of focus and concentration thus get increased, you are less likely to take a jibe at both home and workplace for ignoring something important or taking a wrong judgment call. You can thus be a popular person, approached by everyone at both home and workplace to deal with any important matters. Your family members will be happy with you and in workplace you can be happy by constant elevations in your designation.

Obtaining new friends

Once you get into RummyCircle you will realise that you are no more in need of social media for making friends. You get acquainted to completely new set of people with whom you may not only play daily but interact on a daily basis exchanging your feedback on RummyCircle and  just about everything. The more the friends you have with whom you can share something, happier you will be, isn’t it? Here is a RummyCircle review by one of our players.

Jagadeesh Annavaram, Bangalore

Jagadeesh Annavaram, Bangalore

“I feel awesome after winning tournaments. I have been playing for 4 years. I trust RummyCircle with my money. I can add cash and start winning immediately. Yes!!! I have won real money many times. My withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two / three working days.I have won 1000 in last week. Awesome!! In tournaments I played with talented players and won. Fabulous bonus offers!! They always have something for everyone. Anytime I login, I find thousands of players online so I can start playing any game option immediately. My playing experience has been exceptional. I always refer to my friends and family. My experience has always been exceptional.”

Balance between work and home

Normally people fail to maintain balance between workplace and home and so they often end up mixing up things. The frustration related to things happen at home reflects for you in office and vice versa. When you develop a cool head, thanks to Rummy, you will come out of the irritations and frustrations and lead a balanced life together. If you are new to online rummy, learn how to play rummy online at

A stress-free life, friendly people, work balance and so on – what more do you need for a happy life. Here are 5 reasons to play rummy online, check this out.

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