5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Over to Mobile Rummy

By | October 31, 2017


It would only be an understatement if it is said that the modern world thrives on mobile Internet connectivity. Almost everything is available easily nowadays due to the existence of mobile Internet connections. It is next to impossible to see anyone without a mobile phone in India. So, seizing the opportunity, almost all Rummy promoting websites, started designing their own app competent to be operated on most of the smart phones with android module giving a simple version of how to play Rummy easily. As it has always been the case, RummyCircle seems to the pioneer of this idea too as they were the first to launch an app called RummyCircle a few years ago. So, what is so good about playing Rummy through mobiles and why should everyone switch over to mobile Rummy? Here are the reasons. You can read a brief about Rummycircle app here.

Play it on the go:

The primary reason as to why Rummy players prefer to use mobile internet is because it enables to play on the go. No matter wherever you are, if you get a few minutes of free time, you can open the mobile and play the game on the go. Nothing can stop you playing the game if you have a mobile internet connection with Rummy app installed in it. You can use your idle time fruitfully by playing the game to your convenience.

Simple to play:

Unlike a desktop computer, playing through mobiles does not cost you much. Nowadays since almost all mobile telecom companies offer free data for a minimum recharge, anyone can have internet connections on his mobile. Besides even a 2g net connection is enough for playing Rummy games on RummyCircle app. So, you need to spend a very less rate for recharge, probably the least amount available in the market. Also, any basic model smart phone can acquaint the needs of RummyCircle app. Altogether, your investment will be very less for playing mobile Rummy.

Best set up for playing tournaments:

Since mobile is a hand device it is not possible for you to miss any tournaments. You are always within the reach of getting notified about new tournaments and whenever the tournament gets scheduled you can join immediately and play.

Troubled net connectivity:

In case you experience any unforeseen disconnection while playing Rummy on desktop you need not panic. Instead you can quickly switch over to mobile phones and play the same game without any inhibitions and finish the game.

High end security features:

The security features that are offered for mobile Rummy are almost the same as that of desktop Rummy. So, when the security for both modes are same with the former being the easiest to carry and operate why one should persist with the latter which is relatively less convenient.

So, what are you waiting for? Update yourself and accept what modern world has to offer by switching over to Rummy download on mobiles.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Over to Mobile Rummy

  1. sandeep gaonkar

    rummy circle is a fake game I won rs 1400
    but it does not transfer in bank please don’t try it