Imperative Facts About Rummy Game

By | December 30, 2016

Rummy is a game of providence and ability that offers you various opportunities to win cash prizes. Rummy has definite facts as well that without doubt you are not responsive of. As rummy game is played by people of all ages and group, there are certain facts about the game that most of us are not conscious of. It is somewhat an exciting game and it gives an enjoyable experience to its player. But, there is more about this game that could be really interesting to find out.

Sequential facts about rummy

There are different theories behind the starting of rummy game. It is said to have begun in different regions of the world by different people.



Chinese Theory: Various people think that rummy is derived from the Chinese card games known as “Khanhoo” and “Kon Khin” that were reported too late in 1800s. These card games also hold the different features of making arrangements and discarding the cards, similar to rummy.

Theory of Conquian: This is one of the most well-known theories in the wake of the game. According to this theory, the game had begun in Spain as Conquian and after that brought to Mexico. This game was played by the kings and dukes, who were on incursions. Some also endure that rummy was instigated in Mexico itself.

Theory of Poker: Opposite to other certainties, different historians consider that rummy has originated from Poker due to the notable similarities between the two games. Others also consider that Whiskey Poker or Rum Poker could also be the beginning point of the game.

Diverse Theories: Some articulate that rummy came into subsistence because of Hoyle in the nineteenth century. British reference of ‘Rum’ as unusual or atypical could also be the beginning of the trifle of the game.

Any of the theories behind the beginning point of the game could be accurate as it is still not very specific as to which one is accurate. But, however, it does not make any difference to the pleasing element of the game.

Some other less known facts about rummy are as follows:

  1. This game is said to be the third most popular game all over the world. It is also the most played card game online.
  2. This game has more than 20 alternatives, which are played in different parts of the world with particular names.
  3. Since 1970, the games that were having largest levels of industrial gambling were rummy, poker and sports gambling. It is allowed in various countries including India to play rummy for getting cash rewards.
  4.  There are many more reasons  of “Why Indian loves rummy” .

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