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By | November 29, 2017

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How to Download RummyCircle app
Play cash games with RummyCircle apk
Benefits of using mobile rummy app
Technical requirements for downloading and playing Rummy with RummyCircle app
Frequently asked questions

The introduction of RummyCircle app has made life easy for all Rummy aspirants. Most of the users prefer using it compared to desktop since the app enables “play on the go.” The mobile app also is equipped with all the features that the desktop version offers too. So mobile version is now the most sought-after mode for the Rummy players. Let us now see in detail about the app which can be easily downloaded through just a missed call.

How to download the RummyCircle app?

The installation of RummyCircle app is quite simple and can be done in three different ways. All the three procedures are explained below:

Through missed call:

RummyCircle app download by Missed call


From your Android mobile, give a missed call to 08080894422. You will be sent a link via sms. Click on that link.

Through the link:

Click the download link given in the RummyCircle website. Follow the instructions to get the RummyCircle app downloaded in your mobile phone.

QR code:

Scan the QR code from your mobile to kick start the download.

Step by step process of installation:

Irrespective of which of the three options that you choose, the process of installation will be the same.

  1. Firstly the RummyCircle app gets downloaded and will be seen in the notification bar as a file.
  2. You need to go to your mobile settings and check “unknown sources” option which you find under the category “security”.
  3. Launch RummyCircle app from the notification bar or downloads. When prompted click on install button.
  4. RummyCircle app gets installed in a few seconds and the same can be seen in your menu as


If a question arises as to why the app for playing Rummy games are not downloaded through play store, the reason is explained as below.

RummyCircle app download step by step process

Play cash games with RummyCircle apk:

One of the advantages of this mobile app downloaded from RummyCircle is that it can be used to play real cash games, a feature the games downloaded from android play store does not possess. You are simply not allowed to play real cash games through Rummy games downloaded from Android play store or IOS store. But by downloading the RummyCircle app, as elaborated above, you can play cash games on your mobile devices and win big.

play rummy for real cash on RummyCircle app

Now let us see the benefits of using mobile rummy app:

  1. It enables play on the go and easy to use whenever you want.
  2. There are no pop-ups or banners in the form of distractions that hamper your flow as you play the game.
  3. The nicely designed user interface plus brighter colours increase the richness of the game and provide a perfect gaming experience.
  4. One can find certain exclusive offers and tournaments exclusively meant for mobile app users in addition to the regular ones available in the website.
  5. Lingering on the same point, it is impossible to miss out on exclusive offers and tournaments because the players who use mobile apps are given proper alerts reminding of the same frequently.

Again, not everyone will be privileged to use mobile app and enjoy all the benefits of rummy download. The mobile that you use should be technically equipped in handling the app. So here are some of the technical requirements for downloading and playing Rummy with RummyCircle app.

Technical requirements for downloading and playing Rummy with RummyCircle app.

  1. The mobile phones should work on Android platform to download and install the app. It does not work in any other platform.
  2. Minimum 2 G connection is needed to play through RummyCircle app.
  3. A smartphone is what you need to play the game. Even a base model phone is enough if it supports the following resolution.

480×320, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 800×480, 1024×768, 960×540, 1024×600, 1280×720, 1280×80.

  1. It needs to have a processing speed of 800 MHZ.
  2. The android version must be 4.4 (kitkat) or above.

Summing up, these are the frequently asked questions concerning the rummy app with relevant answers:

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: Where will the downloaded RummyCircle app be found?

Ans: You can see the app downloaded in either notification bar or the downloads folder.

Question 2:Is it must to check unknown sources option and if so why?

Ans: The android mobiles do not recognise or allow any app to be downloaded from any source other than play  store. So, it is essential to check unknown sources so that RummyCircle can be downloaded.

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    I really appreciate your all efforts of explaining step by step guide to download Rummy circle app in the mobile phone.
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