RummyCircle Means Happy Players: What Our Players Love the Most

By | February 16, 2017

RummyCircle is India’s largest rummy website with over 5 million registered players. What makes RummyCircle, India’s favourite rummy destination? Is it just the cash games or just the different tournaments? Perhaps, it’s a bit of everything and lots more.

We believe in making players our stars

RummyCircle believes that the players are the most important part of the company and their satisfaction the number one priority. RummyCircle makes all its games, tournaments and rewards with a complete customer centric approach. Here are some of the things that it works on regularly to give a high-quality experience to each of its players.

Round the clock tournaments

With tournaments running 24/7, a player can pick up tournaments any time, any day. With a registration window opening hours before the tournament and with continuous updates through social channels like Facebook and emails, players are informed about tournaments and special schemes running. See what our players say about RummyCircle, RummyCircle Reviews:

Rummy Star – Mr. Setty Sreekanth (Andhra Pradesh)

Sreekanth rummycircle review

“I am very happy. It gives me great entertainment and cash daily. I earn more than Rs 1,000 every day. Come and join. RummyCircle is India’s number one rummy site.”

Rummy Star – Mr. Satheesh S (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Satheesh rummycircle reviews

“I have been playing for more than a year and have won Rs 14,000 so far. I use the rummycircle app and its very fast. I get double benefit – entertainment and money.”

Fast Withdrawal Process

Not just different tournaments of varying prize pools, the players also enjoy withdrawal within a day. RummyCircle has the fastest withdrawal turn around in India and gives the freedom to withdraw whenever the player wants.

Rummy Star – Mr. Veerendra Kumar (Eluru, Andhra Pradesh)

“I won Rs 3,500 in the Wednesday Rewardz Tournament on RummyCircle. I feel awesome after winning this tournament and I trust RummyCircle with my money. I can add cash and start winning immediately. My withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two / three working days. Anytime I login, I find thousands of players online so I can start playing any game option immediately. My playing experience has been exceptional. I always refer to my friends and family.”

Cash rewards for referral program

Another strong benefit of playing with RummyCircle is the Bring A Friend program. Players can refer their friends and every successful join gets them cash reward that can be used to play more cash games. So, all you do is connect and reach out to friends.

Rummy Star – Mr. Srikanth Damara (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

“It’s really awesome to win. I have won various cash games and tournaments and even got Rs 1,700 by referring friends. Now, for the first time, I won cash in the weekend tournament. I hope to win more in the future. Thank you RummyCircle”

Special Clubs with Exclusive Privileges

RummyCircle has different clubs right with exclusive club tournaments running. Players under the clubs get to play high stake games, and special benefits. Click here to know more about Club Tournaments.

Rummy Star – Mr. Gurunathan Radhakrishnan (Chennai)

“I started playing on RummyCircle after my friend introduced me to the game. It’s been an awesome experience. I started as a basic player and became a Diamond Club member in just 2 months! This itself is a testimony of how much I love this game.”

Join RummyCircle and enjoy its load of benefits and rewards today, Read RummyCircle reviews for more details.

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