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In this post, we would be talking about RummyCircle.com platform which is very popular for Online Rummy in India. Lets see in quick summary, what we are going to know after reading this content:

  1. Pros & Cons of playing Online Rummy on RummyCircle.com platform with some useful links
  2. RummyCircle real player testimonials

1. Pros & Cons of playing Online Rummy on RummyCircle.com platform


A.) You can play rummy on RummyCircle.com anytime, anywhere as it is available online. One can play while commuting in heavy traffic, while getting bored in Family shopping at a mall and whatever place you can think off.

B.) RummyCircle is a multiple platform game, you can play on your desktop, laptop, on mobile and can also download their android app for best experience.

C.) You play with real people and with real cash, which brings thrill, excitement in the game and winning cash prize game will make you feel good. It is a different experience which one should try for great time pass.

D.) You have access to weekly tournaments which can let you win from thousands to Lakhs, based on tournament

E.) RummyCircle.com have 24×7 email support for everyone and Call support for higher level clubs. So, you have good access to support for all your deposit, withdrawal and other issues.


A.) This game shouldn’t be played by minors as it involves real cash. From our review RummyCircle.com take utmost care of the same.

B.) There are chances of loosing money as at a Table of 2 or 6 players, only one person will win. So, one need to make sure that they play on RummyCircle.com for fun and entertainment, not for earning money. Also, once should enhance their skills to play cash rummy by playing practice games first.

C.) Addiction: This is another side of anything which is done in excess. One should make sure that they live normal happy life and get indulge in all sort of activities in life, not just rummy. RummyCircle team is very particular about the same and therefore keep a tight capping of no. of hours people are playing or deposits they are making to the platform.

Now some useful links:

Also, one should understand that Rummycircle is secured by world renowned I Tech labs from Australia and therefore I can consider it secure for playing. You can pay money through secured payment gateways and net banking like credit and debit cards.

2. RummyCircle real player testimonials

Rummy Circle players have won decent prize money, gifts and foreign trips. You can check the same on their website. Some sample reviews as below:

A.) Player Name: Apparao Nimmala, Location: Bhimavaram

I feel awesome after winning this tournament. I have been playing for 3 years I trust RummyCircle with my money. I can add cash and start winning immediately. Yes!!! I have won real money many times. My withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two / three working days. I have won 100 Rs in last week I have won 1 promotional tournament. Awesome!! In tournaments I played with talented players and won. Fabulous bonus offers!! They always have something for every one. Anytime I login, I find thousands of players online so I can start playing any game option immediately. My playing experience has been exceptional. I always refer RummyCircle.com to my friends and family. My experience has always been exceptional.

B.) Player Name: Banuchandar M, Location:Chennai

Yes!!! I have won real money many times. And lost most of the times. It’s a game, so wins and loses are common. Enjoying the game as well.


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Register & Start at RummyCircle http://bit.ly/2mfCArA

RummyCircle Android App http://bit.ly/2CSR3Rg

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