Why is Online Rummy More Challenging Than Offline Rummy?

By | September 17, 2017


Traditionally, Rummy has been one of the favourite pastimes for Indians who are used to playing it during functions like marriages and the like, travelling etc. Nowadays, the same set of people have switched their focus to playing it online having the game of Rummy downloaded. Inquisitive of how to play Rummy, even those people who had always stayed away from the game earlier, have started thronging online, ready to counter the challenges that it has to offer. Let us see why Rummy is more challenging as a game when it is played online.

  • Less intensity:

As a traditional or an offline Rummy player you are pitted with individuals who are personally close to you and so there may be less seriousness from both ends while the play is on. But in case of online Rummy, you get to play with experts all over India. They are people whom you are unaware of. So, the matches are not going to be friendly. The seriousness level cannot be imagined at all. You will be penalised for even the smallest of mistakes.

  1. Unknown strangers as opponents:

As an offline Rummy player, since you are aware of your fellow players in person, you will have an idea about their overall game and thinking process which can help you plan your moves. But an online player will have no such privileges. Everyone with whom he is playing against is a stranger to him and so he will not be able to assess his mind set and style of moves. It is only his expertise which can win him the game.

  • Danger of disconnection:

Since net connection is mandatory for playing Indian Rummy game, it may lead to loss of points should there be a disconnection. Of course, there is a disconnection policy in Rummy sites like RummyCircle, certain conditions need to be met for the points to be reactivated. Thus, mostly an abrupt net disruption can cost you points.

  • Time limit:

Another critical issue which may crop up playing online Rummy is the timing of the moves. The players are not allowed to take their own sweet time in deciding their pick-ups and discards like traditional Rummy. You must make up your mind soon or else you will be skipping a move. A third consecutive skip can put you off from the game.

  • Viewing discarded portion:

In offline Rummy, the opponents can be kept guessing for a longer time not giving them even a slightest of clue as to what you are planning to do. But in case of online Rummy, there will be an option for your opponents to see all the discarded cards at a stretch. So, by having a look at it they will know what you are up to and what type of combination you are trying to form. Another interesting comparison between mobile rummy vs web rummy which is better, where you go.

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